Invogue Business Solutions

We started building our Business Solution for small and medium enterprises 10 years ago. We are still building and will continue to do so in the future as the Solution we offer need to keep changing with the times.

I B S is now a web Web based E R P Solution for any type of enterprise. Right from Supply Chain to Inventory, Sales, Manufacturing and Customer Relation Management I B S provides thecomprehensive Solution to all Business Automation needs.


Invogue Learning Solutions

I L S is a Web-based learning management system, a software application to plan, implement, and assess a teaching process. I L S provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, assess student performance and also provide students with the ability to use interactive threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums. Parents can also monitor child’s performance.


Bangladesh Research Publications

BRP is a Research Repository - a Comprehensive Websitewith special interest on Bangladesh, be it academic, social, scientific, agricultural, political, business, industry, services, medical, cultural. You can access Original Research works by eminent Scholars and Researchers on most subjects on Bangladesh.


01. Research

We take a little longer than most, in all our research efforts. Better not be sorry later than take an extra few days to research. The development process becomes a lot easier for the clients to appreciate and the development team to build, if the requirement analysis is executed in details.

02. Design

Top branding is achieved first by design. We take designing as our soul mate to success. Contemporary and Minimalist is the mainstay of our designs. Great efforts are made for User Experience exercises and details of color, harmony and consistency are constantly worked on.

03. Development

The latest tools and techniques are employed for development. All our products and services are compliant to industry standards, and great efforts are made to make them secure and safe for long sustainable use.

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